28 Mar 2011


I have a lot of seeds left over from previous years that i am unsure are still viable! I am testing them by putting the seeds in between sheets of constantly moist paper towel sheets, setting clear wrap over them, and setting them above the fridge. The lettuce seeds and tomato seeds are taking a little while, as they should, but the radish, 1/2 the nasturtiums, and the spinach are really taking off! Most of these seeds are from 2008, so i am relieved that they are still sprouting. In addition, apparently radishes have a ridiculously short maturity time, from 20 to 30 days, so maybe i will have full grown radishes soon, if i can find a big enough pot for them.

*Upon further research, I discovered that a much better way of germinating these seeds would have been to put them onto a damp paper towel, as above, but then roll the paper towel up into a tube, and stick that whole thing into a ziplock bag or a shopping bag. The seeds don't need light to germinate, just heat until they have sprouted and they will keep damp longer if you use this method.

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