25 Apr 2011


I wanted to build a super environmentally friendly greenhouse out of recycled materials, such as things found at the Restore (Habitat for Humanity), but rather built one out of totally new plastics. I'm going to go check out the Restore soon, and hope to source my next cold-frame from happy recycled materials.

I shouldn't really say that I built the greenhouse, it was more my friend Dan who actualized my fantasy to build a greenhouse. As innovative as I think I am, I am not a very "handy" person.

We went to Home Depot to pick out the supplies. We had a watched a couple DIY greenhouse videos on youtube for instructions.

We got 6 plastic pipes, 2 packs of zip-ties and a roll of heavy plastic and we used some wooden stakes that were already in my garage. we also needed a mallet and some pliers to tighten the zip-ties. afterwards, i lined the ground with cardboard, and laid some black fabric down to attract some sun. the stuff i used was specifically gardener's black-fabric-mulch but i'm sure you could use regular black plastic, as it is probably even cheaper! I also used bricks to weigh this all down.

Right now i have a flat of tomato/okra in there, and a tray of morning glories. i need to add some more zip-ties to fix it up a little bit. (as of middle of april)

you can find some decent youtube videos on how to build them, or check out this website, which is rapidly becoming my favourite!

here is our finished greenhouse (this photo is from After the windstorm in late April)

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