10 May 2011


My lil kombucha mother traveled all the way from Whycogomach, Nova Scotia, in early December, in a mason jar, back though a bumpy car ride packed with good friends and good vibes, to Halifax, on a meeting-new-friends-from-the-hostel-and-riding-all-the-way-to-Montreal-with-them-train-ride, to Montreal sightseeing Concordia's activist hub and intimate conversations about life and loss, to a random ride-share who pumped "like a g-6" in his new BMW and two new couch-surfing hippie friends in his car, to Ottawa where good friends, open hearts, renovations, unfruitful dumpster diving, and pho made for a nice conclusion to a long journey, and finally back onto a train for seeming-much-shorter-than-30-hours short and sweet ride to Toronto.

After all that, my lil kombucha mama has spawned about 8 babies!

2 of them i have already given to random people using craigslist in Toronto, i plan on giving the most recent 4 to more people from craigslist and 2 of them died (i didn't provide enough moisture to 1 of them and the other one grew mold, so its alive still, but unusable).

These are pictures of the mother herself, with the thickest baby she has grown yet!
(yes, that is the most bizarre thing i have ever written)

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