11 Jun 2011

Jacob's Ladder Beans

These ones have a special place in my heart. I've been hesitant to plant them because i want to get them just right. However, now i am getting late, and must get them into the ground, and worry about a trellis later!

The story behind these magical beans is as follows.

It was our last day at the Mabou Farmer's Market, on Cape Breton in Nova Scotia. It had been a wonderful time together. We had all shared, learned, and healed from our weeks together in Wild Roots, in Whycocomagh. We all felt dearly to each other, like we could trust each other with our deepest feelings, with our lives. As i explored that market for the last time, meeting new customers, chatting with neighbours, seeing friends from halloween parties, i felt calm, however reluctant to say "goodbye-goodbye" to those i had shared with over the last couple months. i knew that i would see them again soon, especially since we were having a good bye wwoofer's party at the house that night!
We all said our good-byes at the end of the day. As we talked with Michelle, one of the kick-ass ladies at the market, she distributed 5 Jacob's Cattle Beans to each of us... Now i hope that each bean will survive to represent all of us! Gwen, Paul, Sacha, Michelle, Elva!

.... i need to build a good trellis.

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