13 Jun 2011

Other Garden News!

Red Chiefton Potato Plants are sprouting!!! Even more exciting, is that i improperly marked a plot of Purple Viking potatos, and because they are at the end of the garden, i didn't notice their huge plants hovering over the ground until now! Looks like I have a good 2 out of the three seedlings growing from that package.

Also - pumpkin seeds are sprouting! Those little guys are coming right up, with 2 or 3 seedlings poking through each of the hills. Not bad, not bad!

I'm not sure if my squash plants are going to germinate, so i might have to purchase some more. and plant them in the same bed, making sure they are kept moist during this dry weather we have been having in St. Catharines.

*Update* All three Purple Viking Potatoes have sprouted. They came up so fast I hardly had time to hill them.
- all the pumpkins are growing fast
- most of the squash came up, about 90% of seeds, i would say. for better survival i could have grown them from seed in the green house, but its a lesson for next time

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