11 Jun 2011


mes bebes!

- Evergreen Bunching Onion - fail, unprepared beds
- Long Island Brussels Sprouts - didn't even try them
- Red Acre Cabbage - many of the seeds didn't sprout in the green house, but i have 3 seedlings
- Purple Vienna Kohlrabi - fail, plant plot abandonment
- Rainbow Dinosaur Kale - plant plot abandonment, but thriving in new plot
- Mizuna - pseudo-fail, plant plot abandonment, thriving in individual containers, a favourite of the flea beetle
- New England Pumpkin Pie - planted!
- Yellow Patty Pan Summer Squash - planted!
- Marketmore Cucumber 76 - planted!
- Jacob's Ladder Bean - disappeared
- Rainbow Chard - seedlings are sprouting, beginning to develop true leaves
- Reine des Glaces Lettuce (aka Ice Queen Lettuce) - fail, abandonment
- Cracovienis Lettuce - fail, abandonment
- Red Coral Leaf Lettuce - fail, abandonment
- Bloomsdale Spinach, fail, abandonment, old plot
- Sacha's Altai Tomato, success!
- Scotia Tomato, success!
- Early Wonder Tall Top Beet: fail, abandonment
- Cherrybelle Radish, growing, using them as a flea beetle trap
- Easter Egg Radish, rescued from crabgrass
- Okra: 1 has survived, pretty much given up on it
- Purple Viking Potato, planted, sprouting strong
- Red Chiefton Potato, also sprouting strong
- Tat Soi
- Wild Arugula - fail. i was surprised at how few seeds were included in the package. LRD lettuce came with roughly 2oo or more seeds, while arugula came with about 20. I did pick up some arugula from the local farmers market here in St. Catharines, from a wonderful woman who also sells fig trees!
- Royal Oak Leaf Lettuce - yet to plant
- Curly Garden Cress - fail, seeds dried out
- Freckles Speckled Trout Lettuce - growing some in individual pots, they are doing okay. Already you can see the speckled red blotches on the lime green leaves.
- Lolla Rosa Darkness Lettuce - trying to grow it indiviually now.

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