10 Jun 2011

Tomato Plot!

There are about 20 different tomato plants, 7 hand-grown by seed, and the other 13 are from Tree and Twig Farm, a local organic heirloom located in the Niagara Area.
Amongst the tomato varieties are:
Scotia Tomato and Sacha's Altai Tomato (grown in honour of my fellow wwoofer Sacha, from Wild Roots farm in Nova Scotia (hi Sacha!),

From Tree and Twig Farms (descriptions are adapted from t&t website at http://www.treeandtwig.ca/img/Tree-and-Twig-Transplant-2011-Mailer.pdf)

a Blue variety originating from Estonia

Black Ethiopian; a brown/black coloured fruit, more acidic then sweet

Reisentraube: red, sweet, cherry tomatoes w/ pointed ends

Yellow Garden Peach: sweet peach fuzz on its skin, pale yellow and white tomato (i remember growing this in the YUF CSA gardens in Toronto!)

Sierra Leone

Garden Peach Hillbilly

German Gold Peach

Aunt Mollie's Ground Cherry

this is either a Scotia or a Sacha's Altai. This one is my pride and joy, grown from seed, and the biggest of the seedlings!

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