12 Jul 2011

Seed Saving, plants for pwyc and new email address !

I sold a few of my hand-grown plants and seeds at a garage sale in Toronto this past weekend. I sold about ten tomato plants and all smaller lettuce/herb trays, and a couple seed packages (for pwyc). I was really happy with how the seed packages turned out. For the chives, i hand drew a chive, and instructions for care, while putting a couple of flower-heads in the clear bag as well. They were very pretty. My favourite customer was the neighbour's kid who came up to me with his mom and paid a quarter for a packet of chive seeds and gave them marigold seeds for free too.

I strongly feel that organic seeds should be accessible to everyone, and with community gardening or CSA's or what have you, that people should have access to grow their own food. Having access to organic seeds is the beginning of this process. (and i realize that having "free" time, or leisure time is a huge deterrent for food security, especially in lower-income households). I understand that many seed companies make their income from seeds, and I don't disagree with this, but I would like to see more accessible and affordable seeds out there ! Saving seeds is also an easy way to empower yourself and take control over your food supply.

On the back of the seed packets and some of the plants, i wrote an email address in case any one needs any tips or advice on gardening. Here it is!

rhizomefarms @ gmail.com

royal oak leaf and speckled trout lettuce

My dad kindly drove me with everything to Toronto.

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