27 Aug 2011

Dufferin Grove

I had the pleasure of selling at Dufferin Grove Farmers Market in Toronto last week. The market runs 3 to 7 each Thursday. I had a side table next to my "mentor's" table, Feast of Fields. I had a really good response. I talked to a lot of great people about what i was doing and food politics in general. I sold out within a couple hours, and spent the rest of the day checking out the market and helping FoF with their selling. I really hope i get the opportunity to sell here again, as it wasn't just about selling the produce, but also about connecting with customers and experiencing being a vendor at a major farmers market. (for example, when i found out it was Dufferin Grove in Toronto i was selling my produce at, i said to myself: "Dufferin Grove is like the New York City of Farmers Markets!")

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