12 Aug 2011

Farmers Market at Brock!

It was my first time selling my very own produce at a farmers market today! Very exciting stuff. I sold alongside D.I.G. which is an organization run through Brock and the wider community. You can read more about DIG here:

I wasn't planning on selling my produce at all this year, as it was just experimental, but i met up (through a series of random encounters) with a member (Omar!), who said that i should sell at the Brock Market, and possibly the downtown market too! Thus, I found myself at the Brock Market (every Friday 11:30 to 1:30, Jubilee Court, moved inside in the winter). I met some great people, some great members of DIG, and sold some produce to happy customers. A great first experience on a lovely summer's day, with live acoustic music in the background.

*please note that photos were taken near the end of the day, so there is less produce to look at. still pretty though!*

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