3 Aug 2011

Harvest August 3 2011

From the start i knew that intended on giving away most of my produce, gladly to people who want and need it. I've donated a couple times to Food Not Bombs, and friends of mine around the city, and I'm hoping to get in contact with RAFT this week to see if they could use any of the harvest. Now that harvesting of more than just cucumbers is in full swing, (yay!) I'll probably be harvesting weekly, and divying and delivering the goods every Sunday. If you live in St. Catharines and know anyone that would benefit from fresh, organically grown, and free vegetables, than please let me know. i can cycle anywhere in or around St. Catharines if someone is not able to pick them up. (in fact, i would prefer to deliver them). None of the veggies will go to waste (!!) You can email me at : elva.kt@gmail.com or rhizomefarms@gmail.com


Up for grabs:
Cucumbers: both Marketmore 76 and smaller pickling
Sugar Snap Peas
Lincoln Pea
Patty Pan Squash
Pepper (appears like a hot pepper, but is not spicy)
Ground Cherry
over 20 varieties of tomato

also - i chose the best ones to give away, so although some of the tomatoes in the photos appear to be scarred, those ones will not be given away. i will eat them instead! :)

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