16 Aug 2011

Harvesting Potatoes!

Ah, it was finally time to harvest the potatoes I had planted in May. The soil was a lot more compact than i thought it would be, so i damaged most of the potatoes when i removed them. I had two kinds: Red Chiefton Potatoes and also Purple Viking. Unfortunately, I had the Purple Viking plot mistakenly planted next to some pumpkins, and neither of the plants in that section turned out very well. The Red Chiefton variety was abundant though.

Since i nicked most of the potatoes, i don't think i will be selling any of them this year. I definitely will grow them again (and more of them!) next year. They're quite beautiful to cook with. Last night i made a squash - tomato - zuchinni - potato soup and this morning fried potatoes with onions. Yum!

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