7 Sep 2011

Preserving Harvest: Tomatoes

Fall is here. It came all of a sudden, it is cloudy, cold and seems like the sun will never return. I'm in the middle of preserving. I have never pickled or jarred before, and I have heard that it is the bees knees but personally I find it frustrating. I'm certainly learning to be a more patient person as I stare at the jars, waiting for them to sanitize. So far I've done 2 batches of pickles, and 1 batch of tomato sauce. There are jars all over my kitchen! But both my sister and I are getting excited about the prospects of pickling, so we've dedicated a whole shelf in the pantry for the goods. I have more pickles to do, and more tomatoes to do. As well, I am excited to pick the pear trees whic are outside and preserve them in a light syrup. I'd love to get a book on preserving but right now its all internet-research and experimentation! Here are some photos from my adventure yesterday with jarring tomato sauce (what seemed like 4 hours of labour for five 500 mL jars! ... I'm working on a better system).

Tomatoes from the garden (left). I tried to pick the ones that were badly cracked, the ones which i wouldn't see in the market. Now i realize that it isn't the best idea for jarring tomatoes. That's the compost on the (right).

One of my fav tomatoe varieties. The tomato looks like a sunset is spreading across its bottom and the inside looks like a kalidiscope of colour.. Yum!

Gathering tomatoes for boil.

Websites for preserving:

What about you? What do you preserve this fall? What recipes do you use?

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