3 Nov 2011

Impossibly Delicious Greens

Currently growing on my front porch for personal consumption:

- Dinosaur Kale (Rainbow)
- Tat Soi
- Hon Tsai Tai
- Lettuce "Freckles, Speckled Trout"
- Lettuce "Red Flame"
- Lettuce "Royal Oak Leaf"

These greens are cool-loving crops and they are doing great on the porch, even as some nights have dipped passed being frosty. I was experimenting to see how well they would grow. They are all doing excellent, except the Tat Soi is staying very small, but this is probably because they are all container plants. I am excited to plant and sell them at market in the spring. They make all my salads taste even better. It is certainly a treat for myself to be eating fresh greens from my porch, even into November.

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