8 Mar 2012

Happy International Women's Day!

March 8th: Thought I would take note of all the farming women that i have interacted with over the years who have/continue to inspire me.

Frances in Whycogomagh... whose sharing of space and knowledge is wonderous.
Candi in Whycocomagh, who gave us Wwoofers good advice (which i wish i had taken)
Michelle in Whycocomagh... who runs a successful farm on her own and gave the 5 woofers 5 beautiful Jacob's Cattle beans.
Kareno in BC, whose passion for activism is inspiring,
Laura of Feast of Fields in Jordan,
Greta of Greta's Organic Gardens,
Jess of Ottawa... who used to tell me about her days educating children about where french fries came from, even before I knew I wanted to be a farmer.
My mother... whose love of biology probably transferred over at birth.

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