25 Apr 2012

May Be Me Campaign

Please consider making a donation to the "May Be Me" Campaign I am supporting.  It is a fundraiser for METRAC, a not-for-profit organization which works to eliminate violence against diverse women.  They use an anti-oppression framework and work especially with prevention as a way to counter violence against women.

From their website:

"Anti-oppression work recognizes that women, youth and children experience violence in different ways depending on factors such as their ethno-racial backgrounds, income levels, sexualities, gender identities, abilities and ages. Anti-violence measures must address the distinctive experiences of diverse individuals and communities.METRAC uses an integrated, multi-disciplinary approach. We work in partnership with individuals, community groups, organizations and services, governments, institutions, educators, urban planners and health and legal professionals."

If I reach my goal of 300$, I am going to wear a purple wig all day (and I'll be going to my 2 other jobs, at the health food store and piano lessons, so people Will see me!)

My fundraising page is here:

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