3 Jun 2012

Community Building

It has been very, very busy for us the last couple of weeks!  (As I'm sure most people have felt the spring rush!)  Now we can breathe a sigh of relief as we recognize the hard work, time and effort we've put into the building of the garden.  We now have almost all the permanent annuals set up, weeded and mulched.

It really feels like we're building a community of food-focused people, sharing ideals and visions.  Already we've had Kelsey, Brian, Steve, James and Brittany volunteer their time and energy on the farm; doing fun, back-breaking labour and sharing a good meal afterwards, and we look forward to sharing time with more people.

Yesterday, at Niagara Vegfest, we met and connected with many, many people interested in local food security, enthusiastic to learn hands-on skills.  I personally think that learning is best achieved by being innovative, creative and problem solving, and therefore experience isn't necessary.

In the early stages of spring, I took on almost everything by myself and ended up feeling stressed out and overwhelmed by duties.  Now, I emerge into the summer months feeling refreshed and inspired by the people around me who are interested in getting their hands dirty, learning useful skills, and discussing the future of food.

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