23 Oct 2012

Delicata squash recipe from 'Young and Raw'

Great recipe.  Just wish I had added the garlic powder!

From "Young and Raw" http://www.youngandraw.com/just-like-fries-delicata-squash-rings/

Oh my goddess! Have you ever tried Delicata Squash? It's freaking fantastic! Cut off the ends, hollow out the seeds and slice into rings and bake for 30-45 minutes on 350. If you want crispy like "chips" then slice the rings thinner. At the end drizzle organic coconut oil, a sprinkle of himalayan salt, paprika and garlic powder. I can't explain the flavor combo aside from saying it is like heaven
in your mouth. If you enjoy fried foods like potatoes or onion rings - try these squash rings instead because WOW do they hit the spot ♥ Yay for Squashes!!

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