11 Dec 2012

Garlic Planting 2012!

Garlic Planting 2012!

This post is long overdue!  Garlic was planted in October, on a gorgeous sunny day.

Unfortunately I didn't have enough garlic from this years crop, so I had to order some.  I used two sources - "The Fresh Veggies," a certified organic farm from Brampton whom I met at last year's Garlic Festival in Toronto.  After 350 cloves were planted, we had room for more, so I visited the downtown farmers market and got another 5 heads (roughly 50 bulbs) from a trusted vendor who grows organically.  The beauty is that I was able to obtain over 8 different kinds, clearly marked, so I can see what grows well and my customers can enjoy the subtleties of different varieties!

As you can see, there are 8 different kinds for the first planting.  From the top:

Leningrad which is a Hard Porcelain (see http://bit.ly/STl097 for the difference)
Japanese: Asiatic (http://bit.ly/STlBHF)
Northern Quebec: Hard Porcelain
Sicilian: Soft Silverskin which stores very well and is mild in flavour.
Saltspring Island: which is a hard Rocambole which stores very well and has a medium rich flavour and is very popular.
Russian: A hard Porcelain with large cloves.
Choparsky: A hard Marbled Purple Stripe.
Korean: A hard Rocambole which stores very well and medium in flavour with long fat cloves.  The flavour apparently "hits the roof of the mouth" as recommended by Bob, from "The Fresh Veggies."
After all the straw was distributed weeks later, the area looked like it could look like a giant painting from above.  As I put the straw down, I said to myself (and out loud) "Now this is going to be a really biig art attack! - British accent included. (Remember Art Attack with Neil?  An enthusiastic British man who would teach art on TVO). I'm so excited to see a small field of scapes in the spring!

 I apologize for the quality of these photos.  My camera is currently on the fritz so I've been using my cell phone.

Special thanks to Kelsey, Erin, James, Jolene and Arcus for helping out.  Also a big thank you to my father and mother for driving the trailer to go pick up straw!

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