25 Feb 2013

Seedy Saturday Recap

Re-cap from Seedy Saturday:  It was AWESOME!!!

I had the best time ever!  Although there was the big snow storm the night before, there was still a very good turnout.  Thank you to everyone who trudged through the snow to make it to this event.

My talk went well in the morning - I had maybe 20 people show up to hear about my experiences starting a farm in St. Catharines.  There were a few people in the audience who I didn't have a chance to talk to between my running around - if they could email me that would be fantastic!  There were questions at the end, and I also had more than a few people approach my table at the end to talk, which I really enjoyed.  Thank you for all your interest and comments!

I sold almost of my seeds at PWYC (with a suggested donation).  I also connected with tons of like-minded avid gardeners and fellow farmers.  I also spent most of the entire day with 2 brilliant women, Kate Job of Garddwest Urban Agriculture and Tikvah who was volunteering with Climate Action Niagara. It was pretty much my favouritest day ever.

Photo and words by Kate Job
Enough about me!  For a very good conclusion please check out the lovely fellow farmer Kate Job's blog post here and the event's organizer Linda Crago of Tree and Twig speak about the day here.

Thanks everyone!!!

PS: for all the slides from my presentation, i posted them on Rhizome Farm's facebook page.  Or on Seedy Saturday's Facebook page: You should not need a facebook account to access them.

Why oh Why do I always take a photo at the END of the day rather than the beginning!?


  1. i missed yet another seeeeeeedy saturday,
    prrrrhaps i'll make next year, i'm hoping to find some seeds of indigenous edibles and decoratives...

  2. I'm sure you could find something there! They had a whole table of goodies :) And master gardeners who passed on some great information. If you'd like, there's probably some more Seedy Saturdays coming up, I'll look into it.

  3. http://www.seeds.ca/ev/events.php