29 Mar 2013

Obama signs "Monsanto Protection Act"

What is everyone's thoughts?  Most attention was paid to supporting same sex marriages (which is great!), while this didn't get as much attention - I am behind in posting anything about it or giving it much thought - I also couldn't find anything about it on the CBC news website, nor did it come up in any of my other usual news searches.  It was just through friends on facebook that I discovered the story.  It is an American event, I understand, but it remains an issue for anyone interested in creating a system of food sovereignty.


As a side note:  After seeing stories like this, and the history of Monsanto as a corporation, and then finding Monsanto's info packets available in local agricultural co-ops, such as the Durham region in Ontario, it is hard to believe that anyone believes Monsanto cares about (small) farmers in the least.

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