31 Mar 2014

Beginning of the Season.... Seeding Seeding Seeding

What with the new season just around the corner (buried beneath yet more snow!!)

- January and February were slow planning months.  I was dealing with a personal family tragedy, which ended up using up most of my emotional and physical energy.  Recovering now from that trauma, I remember how farming and gardening in the past is very healing in nature.  Not just putting my hands in the dirt and watching things grow, but also connecting with so many interesting, creative and like-minded people.  It is all very inspiring!

- Earlier in March, I seeded onions, hot peppers, asparagus, celery, celeriac, parsley, oregano, stevia (the seeds are probably the smallest seeds I have ever encountered!!) and leeks.  More recently, I seeded sweet peppers, ground cherries, tomatoes and eggplant.  Most of the lil' ones are sprouting.  Today I noticed the asparagus was sprouting!  I even wanted to tell people about it, but I knew they wouldn't be as excited as I was about it...  (Asparagus is an interesting plant - it takes 3 years after it is seeded until it can be harvested.)  Very fun and exciting!

- Volunteer opportunities:  I recently advertised that I am looking for volunteers this upcoming May for preparing plant beds (shoveling, wheelbarrowing and distributing compost, seeding), watering + weeding, etc.  However, I will be also looking for volunteers in April to help me prune + stake about 160 young fruit trees, prune some adult pear trees, some gingko trees and also construct a hoop house.  So if you're interested, drop me a line at RhizomeFarms@Gmail.com

- Upcoming events:  The call for CSA members is still ongoing.  I'll be accepting new members indefinitely!  I'll also be selling seedlings at an event in Hamilton on Saturday May 17th.  I'll also be looking to hire a driver/helper/volunteer for the day (Email me if you know of anyone interested!)

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