21 Apr 2014

Seedling starts for sale

Did you get a late start on your home garden this year?  Too late to start growing tomatoes?

I am selling organically grown, heirloom tomato seedling starts for 2$ each OBO!  They still need to be hardened off, and shouldn't be planted out until the end of May, or can be transplanted to a larger pot to grow indoors.  There are many varieties to choose from.  

Email Elva @ RhizomeFarms@gmail.com for availability.
A list of available tomatoes follows:

Cherokee Purple:  Large, juicy beefsteak pink-purple tomatoes.

Orange Blossom:  Larger, bright orange tomato with a mild taste and little acidity.

Green Zebra:  This tomato starts out green develops green stripes and matures into a yellow tomato with green stripes.  Beautiful and unique!  Good size for slicing into wedges.  Tangy flavour.

Sun Sugar:  Very sweet and tart golden-orange cherry tomato.

Black Cherry:  Very attractive deep purple and brown cherry tomato with a great flavour.

Sweet Olive:  Small bright red grape tomato resembles an olive.  Wonderfully sweet.

Blush:  Large, elongated yellow cherry tomatoes with pink stripes.  Gorgeous.

Sarina: produces small, red grape tomatoes with sweet flavour and good shelf life.

Large beefsteak like tomatoes (1 lb each) are deep pink-red with a sweet and tangy taste.

Super Choice:
Large, red, beefsteak tomatoes weighing between 1 and 2 lbs.  Great flavour and perfect for slicing into sandwiches.  An heirloom from the Kentucky area.

Early Prolific:
Produces many medium sized red tomatoes early in the season.

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